Snow Day


Do you see that one little flake at the bottom?

I have high hopes that by tomorrow it’ll be flannel pajamas, hot cocoa and a day at home for most of us. With snow predicted, some of our hearts are buoyed by all the snow related fun to be had. From shaping it into men and forts, to packing it down for optimal sledding conditions, we’ll scoop snow up from how we found it and change it into something completely different.

It is one week into the season of Lent, and my mind keeps going back to one of the scripture readings from the Ash Wednesday service, Jeremiah 18.  A little bit like we’ll change fallen snow into joyful figures and super sledding hills, God the Potter changes and turns us into something new, something different.


These pieces of clay received new shapes as worshippers prayed and pondered the scripture above.

This season isn’t everyone’s favorite. It is not as fun as Advent.  It is all about repentance for sin and remembering the reason that the cross and resurrection were needed. It is also about grace, change, renewal, and rebirth. We remember Paul’s letter to the Romans, “As surely as we died with Christ, we believe we will also live with him.”

How might God be reshaping us? Molding us like clay or like snow? How might God be turning us into something new?

Enjoy your snow day and remember that even if we have the day off, our God is at work.


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