Guarding the Good Treasure Entrusted to Us

Do you automatically break out in car Karaoke the minute you get behind the wheel?  Do you sing in the shower to start or end your day?


What moves you to sing?  What so captures your heart and mind that you burst out in song?

Judging from country music, we are moved to song by trucks, heartbreak, beer, boots, men, women, children, and, of course, dogs.  There are just not any country songs about cats, however.  Bluegrass music, a personal favorite, adds trains and mountains to the mix of inspiration.

What is worth singing about?  Popular music today fixates on love or the lack thereof, dreams, and ideals, but also lust, money, partying, drinking, one’s looks, another’s body parts, men, women, and cars.

An anthem can stir pride in national values or spark protests of injustice.

Why do disciples of Jesus sing?  What moves us to burst out in song?

How about the a gift “far more than all we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20)? How about treasure lavished on us extravagantly and graciously?  Now such treasure is worth singing, even if we are not in the shower.

In his second letter to young church servant Timothy, an apostle and mentor opens with a reminder and recitation of God’s gifts, the “good treasure entrusted” to Tim and his church family.  What God gives us through sheer grace and abundant love is worthy of songs, melodies, harmonies, praise, crooning, croaking, and all the joyful noise we can offer:

Testimony… the power of God… a holy calling… God’s own purpose and grace… grace given in Christ Jesus… the appearing of our Savior… life and immortality brought to light… sound teaching… guard the good treasure entrusted to us… (from II Timothy 1:8-14).

So how about this for a counter-intuitive Christian belief?    Our joyful noise and heartfelt praise protects, preserves, and implants true treasure in us and others “with the help of the Holy Spirit living in us.”

This past Sunday, October 9, as our local church family sang God’s praises, Haitian communities coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew sang and sang with thanksgiving, too.  Christian brothers and sisters in the poorest nation in our hemisphere, devastated by storm, are guarding the good treasure entrusted to us.



So, are you standing guard and raising your voice?



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