Faithful Foolishness

I know that someone near to me is planning to “get” me. No question about it.

This is not paranoia — at least I don’t think so.  However, April 1 is days away, and there are those among my family, my co-workers, my circle of friends and acquaintances, even public figures or media presences who are hoping to fool me on April Fools Day.

A day just made for those folks who love to trick others into believing something unlikely or extremely outlandish — I won the lottery! (not).  Oh the joy they derive from yelling “April Fools!”  The satisfaction of making someone look foolish for the moment and in good fun.

“I can’t believe you fell for it!” the fool-ers shout as the fooled sheepishly nod and acknowledge.

No one likes to look foolish, whether the victim of a prank on April 1 or making a thoughtless – and very public – mistake any day. No one wants to be labeled a fool.

For disciples of Jesus, however, looking foolish can be likely, even an expectation.

For those who do not or will not see beyond themselves and their own powers and wills, the gospel of Jesus Christ, God embodied in human flesh, divine savior suffering the shame of the cross, risen and reigning Lord, is indeed foolishness.

When we profess, “He is risen!”, some scoff “I can’t believe you fell for it!”

For those who trust in Jesus and rely on his Way to guide and guard us, thankfully, there is new life.

From sacrificial love in Jesus Christ and in each of us, God creates new and true life, no matter how foolish our faith may appear to others.